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Ivanka Gets Dragged After Excitedly Tweeting About the Stock Market's 'Record High'

Ivanka Gets Dragged After Excitedly Tweeting About the Stock Market's 'Record High'
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In addition to the irrevocable loss of nearly 250 thousand Americans, the virus that's upended daily life in the United States has also presented insurmountable financial woes for families across the country.

Millions found themselves suddenly unemployed due to the pandemic as thousands of small businesses were forced to close for good. School closures stretched parental avenues for childcare thin and as recently as Monday, thousands were lined up in Texas for resources from a Dallas food bank.

With so many Americans struggling to stay afloat, President Donald Trump and his team act as though the pandemic is in the rear view mirror.

On Monday, the President's eldest daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka Trump, boasted to her millions of Twitter followers about the prosperity of the stock market.

While 55 percent of Americans own some sort of stocks, Forbes reports that only about 14 percent are directly invested in the market. The stock market is also in constant motion, rising and falling with each day, often for unknowable or unforeseeable reasons.

The Trump administration often points to Wall Street's gains as a means to boast about its economic record, but in the face of widespread economic devastation on Main Street, people didn't share the affluent Ivanka Trump's joy.

In fact, her celebration was widely criticized.

Some credited the victory of President-elect Joe Biden with the market's high, due to the assurance of stable leadership and a comprehensive response to this health and economic crisis.

Congress has yet to pass another pandemic stimulus bill.