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Ivanka Awkwardly Ignored CNN Journalist Who Asked Her About Impeachment Trial, but Trump Fans Think She Was a Boss


As his impeachment trial in the Senate commenced across the pond, President Donald Trump attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Attending the forum as his advisor was eldest daughter Ivanka Trump, who made clear to CNN's Jim Acosta that she didn't want to acknowledge the case Democratic House impeachment managers were making in their case against her father.

Acosta approached Ivanka as she descended a set of stairs, asking her "what are your thoughts?" on her father's impeachment trial. She clearly had no intention of answering and did her awkward best to evade him.

Watch below.

Acosta, of course, has gotten into tiffs with Trump during press conferences and the White House even vindictively released an altered video meant to make him look belligerent. The Trump administration revoked his press pass, only restoring it after they were court-ordered to do so.

But despite Acosta's professionalism and Ivanka's awkward evasion, some of Trump's allies thought it was Ivanka who came out on top in this exchange.

No, seriously.

But most were critical of Ivanka for avoiding such a basic question.

And...wait—hold on—why is Ivanka even in Davos for the World Economic Forum anyway?

That's what others want to know too.

Nothing to see here.