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Ivanka Roasted for Randomly Posting a Suggestive Photo of Trump at Mt. Rushmore From His Visit This Past Summer

Ivanka Roasted for Randomly Posting a Suggestive Photo of Trump at Mt. Rushmore From His Visit This Past Summer
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

This past August, the New York Times reported that outgoing President Donald Trump floated the idea of putting his face on Mount Rushmore, the monument to four famous Presidents in South Dakota.

Trump infamously used his status as President to host a thinly-disguised campaign rally at the national monument on the Fourth of July.

South Dakota's Republican governor, Kristi Noem, went on the record detailing a 2018 exchange in which Trump told her he'd always dreamed of having his face on Mount Rushmore. Noem remembered that she laughed at the idea before realizing Trump was serious.

The President furiously denied the reporting, only to later post a photo of his face against the well-known monument shortly after.

He's since alluded to the desire publicly multiple times.

The President's eldest daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka Trump, renewed talk of Trump's face being added to the monument when she tweeted the same photo of her father on Monday.

The tweet comes as Trump and his allies continue to peddle lies that widespread voter fraud tipped the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden. Trump refuses to concede in what his own administration said was the securest election in American history—a move that flies in the face of precedents accepted by the men he longs to be carved alongside.

Twitter roundly roasted Ivanka Trump for the tacit suggestion that her father be added to the monument.

Long before Mount Rushmore began construction in 1927, the stone in which it was carved was known as The Six Grandfathers. In defiance of the Treaty of 1868—which promised the Black Hills region would remain under the Lakota Sioux Nation—the federal government forcibly removed the Lakota Sioux from the Black Hills after gold was discovered there.

Hundreds of Lakota Sioux, including children, were murdered by the government and Mount Rushmore was later hewn out of the Six Grandfathers to mark the so-called accomplishment.

Given that history, some said Trump's face would actually be a fitting addition.

Trump's final day in office is January 20th, when Biden will be sworn in at noon.