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Hillary Clinton Calls Out Republicans After Gunfire Breaks Out At South Carolina Little League Game

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Republicans After Gunfire Breaks Out At South Carolina Little League Game
Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation; Shannon Watts/Twitter

On the night of Monday, April 25, a Little League game in North Charleston, South Carolina was interrupted by dozens of gunshots.

Blake Ferguson—a parent filming the game—captured the moment children and coaches looked around in fear and confusion, threw themselves on the ground or ran for cover as parents left the stands in search of safety.

No one at the field was physically injured by the estimated 30 shots fired. Parents reported their children were traumatized by the unexpected gunfire, however.

You can see Good Morning America's coverage of the incident here:

The scene—gun violence impacting children in the United States—is all too commonplace.

Shannon Watts—founder of the United States' largest grassroots group fighting against gun violence Moms Demand Action—shared Ferguson's now viral video of the frightening scene on Twitter with a call to action.

Watts urged:

"We don’t have to live like this. Children should never be traumatized like this."
"The midterm elections are less than 200 days away. Use your voice and vote on the issue of gun violence prevention."

Former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concurred with Watts assessment.

Sharing Watts' post, Secretary Clinton tweeted:

"Republican state legislators and governors could be a part of the solution to stop gun violence."
"But they'd rather sell out children's safety for campaign contributions from the gun lobby."

The former Democratic presidential candidate—winner of the 2016 popular vote—echoed the sentiments of many fed up with the prevalence of gun violence and gun rights advocates in the GOP.

Many were critical of GOP priorities and what the Republican party thinks protects children.

According to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey, the city is focused on finding those responsible for this latest incident of gun violence.

They are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.