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Crowd Erupts As Hillary Clinton Perfectly Reacts To Trump Verdict During Live Speech

Hillary Clinton had a very understated reaction to Donald Trump's guilty verdicts as she went to give a speech to Vital Voices, and the crowd was loving it.

Hillary Clinton
YouTube/Vital Voices

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a very understated reaction to former President Donald Trump's guilty verdict as she went to give a speech to Vital Voices, a nonprofit group that she founded. And the crowd went wild.

Clinton appeared at the event shortly after Trump became the first former president to be convicted of felony crimes. A New York jury found Trump guilty of falsifying business records in the first degree to conceal hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels to illegally influence the 2016 election. The jury reached its verdict after a day and a half of deliberations.

As Clinton stood at the podium, she looked out and said:

"Anything going on today?"

The crowd cheered.

You can watch what happened in the video below.

Clinton continues to be a frequent target for conservatives despite not having been in the political spotlight since her 2016 presidential run. However, that hasn’t stopped Trump and his surrogates from trying to perpetuate a false narrative that she plans to run for president again this year.

Trump himself has often accused Clinton of sabotaging his previous campaigns, making her a frequent scapegoat in his remarks to her supporters. Additionally, he has mocked her openly, baselessly asserting that she is obsessed with having lost their presidential match and has weaponized the justice system and the federal government against him.

The justice system indeed delivered—and many loved Clinton's understated reaction.

In the wake of the verdict, Clinton released a new "She was right about everything" mug for sale to benefit her Onward Together groups.

In the case, the New York jury had been instructed by Judge Juan Merchan to be as fair as possible and to not weigh any potential sentence.

Trump was still and did not speak when the jury read its verdict. However, outside the courtroom, he addressed reporters, labeling the trial as a "rigged, disgraceful trial" and asserting that the "real verdict" will come on Election Day this November.

Trump's attorney Todd Blanche said that Trump will appeal the verdict on the grounds that Merchan did not recuse himself.

Blanche noted that he had filed two separate motions requesting Judge Merchan to recuse himself from the trial. "It’s not fair," he said, stressing the importance of impartiality in the judicial process.

Donald Trump's sentencing will be held on July 11, just days ahead of the start of the Republican National Convention.