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Blizzard to Add Deckard Cain to 'Heroes of the Storm' with These Support Abilities

After finally succumbing to the evils of Diablo in Blizzard’s Diablo III, fans thought they saw the last of the Horadric scholar. For Heroes of the Storm, the arena-style game featuring characters across all of the developer’s franchises, Blizzard resurrected Deckard for one last fight against evil. Joining the extensive roster of more than 70 fighters, Deckard will bring a unique playstyle and join the ranks of the game’s 14 other Support characters.

In the Diablo series, Deckard was never a fighter, so it makes sense that his inclusion in Heroes of the Storm would be that of an aid. With a low Damage and relatively high Utility attribute, players that prefer to stay on the outskirts of battle will find that Deckard’s skillset will keep him out of harm’s way.

Of his most supportive traits is Deckard’s “Healing Potion” ability. Like in Diablo III, the red vial will heal one allied Hero for 230 hit points. His other two abilities, “Horadric Cube” and “Scroll of Sealing,” focus on dealing damage and hindering enemy Hero movement. Both are area of effect abilities, with “Horadric Cube” dealing 80 damage and slowing enemies by 40% and “Scroll of Sealing” causing 150 damage and rooting them for 1.5 seconds within a triangle.

At level 10, enemies will have a hard time getting close to Deckard when his Heroic Abilities “Stay Awhile and Listen” and “Lorenado” unlock. The former, which is titled after the character’s memorable greeting, puts enemies to sleep for up to five seconds. “Lorenado,” cast through Vector Targeting, clears the way for the storyteller by knocking back enemies that fall in its path.

Both his Primary and Heroic Abilities receive boosts through his Talents as he levels up. For instance, after hitting his first level, players can unlock “Field Study” to grant him 15% Spell Power for 14 seconds with each enemy Hero hit by “Scroll of Sealing.” Other talents include “Rejuvenation Potion,” which restores ten mana and heals an additional 108 with each healing potion and “Respect the Elderly,” which Silences and Blinds enemies affected by “Stay Awhile and Listen.”

Since Deckard isn’t protected by heavy armor, his Hero Trait, “Fortitude of the Faithful,” will help keep him alive longer. While near at least one enemy hero, the trait provides him with a 50% increase in his Basic Abilities recharge and ten additional Armor. Considering he’s designed as a support character, Deckard is at his best when allied Heroes are nearby, so his Hero Trait should be near constantly active.

Currently, Blizzard hasn’t revealed a release date for Deckard Cain, though the developer promised that it would be “soon.”