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People Can't Believe Republicans Just Put 'Liability Protection' in the Title of Their Latest Pandemic Relief Package

Fox News/YouTube

After weeks of tense negotiations with the White House, Senate Republicans unveiled their proposal for the new virus relief package, which they've titled The HEALS Act.

The "Health, Economic Assistance, Liability Protection and Schools Act of 2020" seeks to lower extra weekly unemployment income from $600 to $200 for the 40 million people suddenly jobless after the pandemic. It also includes an additional round of stimulus checks for most Americans making under $75 thousand per year.

But the enshrinement of "Liability Protection" in the bill's title is raising some eyebrows.

The liability protection effort would limit workers' ability to sue employers whose refusal to close their doors during the crisis or failure to provide adequate protections resulted in contraction of the virus.

The title reflected what many believe is a pillar of Republican policy: valuing employers over workers.

The legislation offers a five year liability shield for businesses, universities, hospitals, and schools that prevents them from virus-related lawsuits. This is as Republicans—especially within the White House—push for a full reopening of schools and businesses that some experts have warned is premature.

The bill, in its current state, doesn't offer hazard pay for essential frontline workers.

The Democratic-led House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act, or the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, over two months ago.

That bill provides student loan forgiveness, debt relief, food assistance, hazard pay for frontline workers, and more assurances. McConnell called the bill a "socialist's dream" and has refused to bring it to the floor.

People are urging McConnell to pass the HEROES Act instead.

Negotiations are expected to last into August.