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Fox News Analyst Mocked After Suggesting a Conspiracy to Shut Down His Wifi After Anti-Biden Column

Fox News

Throughout this election cycle, the Republican party has claimed that Democrats have the tech sphere and social media outlets in their pocket.

President Donald Trump's eldest son—Donald Trump Jr.—recently posted an Instagram video, claiming to watch his "algorithms get crushed" by the social media platform. A new Twitter feature prompting users to open an article before sharing it has the President's allies in a tizzy with claims of suppression.

Meanwhile Facebook's daily top shares are mostly from Republican pages and Twitter is Trump's signature platform for firing off messages to his supporters.

As absurd as the so-called Democratic dominance of tech sounds to critics, one analyst for the conservative Fox News network took his claims even further.

The Russia Hoax and Witch Hunt author Gregg Jarrett—whom Trump has retweeted over 100 times—floated on Twitter that his WiFi dying could be an effort to suppress a column he wrote that was critical to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Jarrett claimed he had to leave his house to send the tweet.

The conspiracy theory generated ridicule across the internet.

Some jokingly played along with the allegation, pretending to have knowledge of the deep state entity suppressing Jarrett's wifi.

The presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is on November 3rd, but early voting is underway in at least 40 states.