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Newsmax Host Mocked for Whining That 'Being Gay' Is Pete Buttigieg's 'Full-Time Job'

Newsmax Host Mocked for Whining That 'Being Gay' Is Pete Buttigieg's 'Full-Time Job'
Newsmax // Pete Buttigieg

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten recently welcomed twins into their family, prompting Buttigieg to go on family leave, which he later used to highlight the need for paid leave for all families in America.

Right-wing media has criticized Buttigieg for taking this time off, and few have been more vocal than far-right Newsmax host Greg Kelly, who also keeps highlighting that Buttigieg is gay.

Last month, Kelly said of Buttigieg's leave:

"People on the other side are talking about it as well because Pete Buttigieg is a man and so is his husband. They did not have to have these kids now. They're not up against any biological clock. Let's be real here, all right? This is a big job. The biggest that Pete Buttigieg has ever had. And now he decides to take the leave, have the kid. He doesn't have to do it."

Now, Kelly is once again suggesting Buttigieg's sexuality is causing him to neglect his duties.

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Kelly said:

"How does he get away with all this? I mean, why him? Why does he even have a cabinet job? Why would a small town mayor be taken seriously when he runs for President? Quite frankly, it has to do with his orientation, his sexual orientation. ... Being gay is almost like a full time job."

Kelly's comments were quickly skewered.

Gay people jokingly responded that being gay is, in fact, a full-time job.

Kelly still insists that he doesn't care about Buttigieg's sexuality.