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Video of Maskless GOP Event Attended by Texas Governor Goes Viral After He Tests Positive

Video of Maskless GOP Event Attended by Texas Governor Goes Viral After He Tests Positive
@AbbottCampaign/Twitter // Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

The state of Texas is inundated with cases of the virus that's killed over 600 thousand Americans, but its Republican governor—Greg Abbott—has proved determined to push back against even the most basic safety measures.

Abbott banned mask mandates in the state—including in schools where children under 12 are ineligible to get the vaccine—despite the proven effectiveness of masks at slowing the spread of the virus. He's also fought against private businesses requiring vaccines for their employees and customers, even threatening to revoke the liquor licenses of restaurants and bars that do so.

On Tuesday, Abbott's office issued a statement announcing that Abbott, who is fully vaccinated, tested positive for the virus.

According to the statement, the governor is experiencing no symptoms but is still undergoing monoclonal antibody treatment as he isolates in the Governor's Mansion.

The statement also claims that everyone who's come into close contact with the governor has been notified, but a video posted just a day before Abbott's positive diagnosis was revealed is sparking concerns.

Watch below.

According to Abbott's campaign, the governor was president at the Republican Club at Heritage Ranch, where video shows him gathered with hundreds of unmasked and elderly supporters.

Further video of the event shows him singing with the crowd, upping his chances of spreading the virus to others.

Abbott's recklessness has heightened concerns that the event at Heritage Ranch could end up a super spreader.

As ICU beds vanish across the state, people are pointing out that Abbott is receiving care that other infected Texans can only dream of.

Though Abbott still experienced a rare breakthrough infection, his chances of survival and complete recovery are greatly heightened due to his vaccination status.