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GOP Strategist Uses Trump's Own Words Against Him After Trump Blames Democrats for Making It Hard to 'Properly Run the Country'

Scott Olson / Staff / Brad Barket / Stringer /Getty Images

A blame-filled rant from the president on Twitter, not a new phenomenon, is drawing significant backlash from the online community.

This includes a particularly scathing comeback from GOP strategist and self-styled "media guy" Rick Wilson.

Trump's rant started with a quote from Fox and Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade.

"The Dems are complicating matters again. Keeping Mueller out of it was the focus. Keeping it crisp & simple was the key, and now all of a sudden they are saying maybe we'll go back and visit the Mueller probe, which is absolutely unbelievable, and shows they don't care about the American public's tone deafness - & it should be intolerable, because the American people have had it with this."

He then went on to attempt to lay the blame for everything going wrong in the country at the feet of the Democrats, and a common imaginary scapegoat—The Radical Left, who are supposedly working to "make it as hard as possible for me to properly run our Country!"

"The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats have gone CRAZY. They want to make it as hard as possible for me to properly run our Country!"

Wilson wasn't having any of it, though, and turned Trump's words back on him.

"Your corruption and mental disorders make it hard for you to run the country. Full Stop."

Most other people were not fooled by Trump's blustering assertion that the Democrats are to blame, either. Many tweeted replies that echoed Wilson's statement.

Others pointed out that he seemed quite eager to shift the blame, and attention, away from himself.

Some simply Tweeted that it isn't the Democrats that Americans are fed up with.

And some decided to spread a little holiday cheer.