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GOP Rep Posts Cringey Video Claiming Twitter Won't Allow Him to Tweet Praise of GOP Officials

GOP Rep Posts Cringey Video Claiming Twitter Won't Allow Him to Tweet Praise of GOP Officials

Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas faced backlash this month after reopening his state and lifting mask mandates, despite the pandemic that's killed over 500 thousand Americans.

As a result, he's been hailed by Republicans as a rebel against the so-called tyranny of public health guidelines, and for his immigration policies.

One such Republican heaping praise upon Abbott is Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, who posted a video lauding Abbott while also accusing Twitter of forbidding him from posting a tweet praising the Governor.

Watch below.

Cawthorn said in the video:

"I am praising one of our country's greatest Governors, Governor Abbott, because he has sent the National Guard of Texas down to the southern border where they should be ... I'm trying to send this tweet right now which just says, 'Governor Abbott exemplifies state leadership,' but as you see, something pops up right here that says, 'Something went wrong.'"

Cawthorn then went on to post a tweet that said 'Testing,' presenting it as proof that Twitter wouldn't allow him to post tweets specifically about Abbott from his government account.

He concluded:

"Big tech, let me ask you a question. Why are you so pro-illegal immigration and why are you so pro-censorship? It's disgusting."

Considering Cawthorn was able to post the video, it's unclear why he's convinced that a failure to tweet constitutes a conspiracy against him.

What's more, ProPublica indicates that Cawthorn's tweet actually did post, only to be deleted hours later.

And a tweet with the exact wording Cawthorn describes, posted hours before the video, is still up.

People largely dismissed the claim.

It led some to wonder just what Cawthorn does when he's at work.

Cawthorn hasn't acknowledged that the tweet was, in fact, posted.