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Comedy Group's 'Gop Jesus' Mocks Evangelicals For Their Support for Donald Trump, and People Are Loving It


Comedy Group's 'Gop Jesus' Mocks Evangelicals For Their Support for Donald Trump, and People Are Loving It
Friend Dog Studios

The Republican party often claims to be the party of morality and tends to champion traditional Christian values, but many of the policies it seeks to enact - the subjugation of minorities, less access to vital social programs, discrimination against people who don't share their religious or moral views - often go against the teachings of Christianity itself.

Now, a video from Friend Dog Studios is pointing that out.

[youtube expand=1]

The video shows "GOP Jesus" teaching his followers, but instead of teachings like "love your neighbor as yourself" and "Let he among us without sin cast the first stone," this Jesus's teachings are a little...well, different:

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, And behold, now I’m all lazy and entitled. You shouldn’t have done that.”

The video also features GOP Jesus instructing his disciples to get a young girl "to a detention center" and not to bake cakes for certain people. He goes particularly berserk about saying "Merry Christmas" as well.

Twitter users find it refreshing that the sketch is bringing attention to the hypocrisy of many so-called Christian Republican politicians.

Yet the reason so many are laughing is - like a lot of great comedy - somewhat depressing.

Some users are pointing out that the GOP Jesus video is only funny because it rings with so much truth.

Fortunately, the video features the actual bible verses GOP Jesus and the Republican party contradict, pointing out just how far from the "straight and narrow path" the party has strayed despite claiming to fight for people of faith.

It's not the first time people have noticed this contradiction.

It's unlikely that this sketch from the good folks at Friend Dog will shock any Republican lawmakers into a moral epiphany, however it does a lot to point out the hypocrisy to voters.