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Virginia Woman Becomes Internet Hero After She Calls Out Maskless Governor at Supermarket

Virginia Woman Becomes Internet Hero After She Calls Out Maskless Governor at Supermarket

Last year, in a highly-anticipated gubernatorial race, the commonwealth of Virginia elected Republican Glenn Youngkin to head the state, defeating Democratic former governor Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin was sworn in as Governor last month and immediately began implementing a laundry list of conservative positions through executive order, such as banning critical race theory and "inherently divisive concepts," even creating a tipline for parents to report their kids' teachers.

But it isn't just conservative hysteria over critical race theory that Youngkin has promoted—he's also embraced conservatives' flippancy toward COVID-19, whose American death toll surpassed 900 thousand on Friday. In a flurry of executive orders following his inauguration, Youngkin lifted mask mandates for schools while also dissolving vaccine requirements for state workers.

Though Youngkin may have the power as governor to issue executive policies on mask mandates, he's not exempt from consequences for his personal mask-wearing habits, as a recent interaction between Youngkin and an Alexandria, Virginia grocery shopper proved.

Watch below.

The clip shows an unmasked Governor Youngkin in a crowded checkout area full of masked customers and workers.

Raising her voice, the shopper asked him:

"Governor, where's your mask?"

Youngkin responded:

"We're all making choices today."

This prompted the customer to tell him:

"Look around you, Governor. You're in Alexandria. Read the room, buddy."

And with that exchange, the internet found its latest hero.

Others—like Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas—suggested a constituent making her views known to her governor was another instance of cancel culture, while other skeptics said Alexandria does not have a mask mandate.

Doesn't look like Youngkin will be reading the room anytime soon.