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Glenn Beck Warns We Are in a 'Spiritual Battle' With 'Satan Himself' in Bonkers Interview

Glenn Beck Warns We Are in a 'Spiritual Battle' With 'Satan Himself' in Bonkers Interview
Victory Channel

Glenn Beck—one time Fox News host—made an appearance before a much smaller audience Thursday when he was a guest on America Stands: Flashpoint on televangelist Kenneth Copeland's Victory Channel. The message seemed custom made for the Evangelical Christian forum.

Beck claimed he had a prophetic dream several years ago "that was so terrifying" he refused to share it with anyone. He had the same dream again after an undisclosed religious leader contacted him.

After Beck flew to meet them, the religious leader told Beck:

"Sometimes the Lord speaks to us in dreams. … And you know exactly what I'm talking about."

Beck claimed to then understand his dream's significance.

"All of a sudden it took on a completely new meaning."
"I just warn you that we are in a spiritual battle against evil unleashed."
"We are not fighting the Democrats; we are fighting Satan himself."

You can watch an interview excerpt here:

While many online agreed the 2020 election was about facing down evil, few thought Beck's—or Copeland's—candidate was representing the side of good.

Beck founded right-wing media outlet The Blaze in 2010. In 2018, the company merged with CRTV (Conservative Review TV) to create Blaze Media.

As of Friday, October 30, the presidential election is a little over 3 days away. It is unclear if Beck's own media outlets will be sharing his prophetic visions about the election or if that content will remain exclusive to the Evangelical Christian airwaves.