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George Conway Rips Geraldo to Shreds After He Claimed Conway Was 'Rooting' for the Virus With Critical Trump Tweet

CNN // TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

As the husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Republican lawyer George Conway is no stranger to facing backlash for his taunts and criticisms of President Donald Trump.

Conway—a founder of the anti-Trump Republican PAC The Lincoln Project—proved that again today when he and conservative leaning radio host Geraldo Rivera exchanged barbs on Twitter.

Like many of Trump's critics, Conway highlighted the President's handling of the virus as an example of his failure to keep the American people safe.

Conway pointed out the stratospheric number of cases and deaths compared to the rest of the world, despite assurances from Trump early in the outbreak that the cases would soon go down to zero.

Conway highlighted the President's musing that ingesting bleach could potentially cure the virus, as well as recent claims he made at his that he urged his officials to slow down testing of the virus because it made him look bad.

For whatever reason, Rivera saw this as rooting for the virus rather than holding the President accountable for his statements and actions.

He let Conway know how he felt in a profane tweet.

Conway didn't hesitate to return the insults.

Geraldo fired back.

As did Conway...

Rivera seems to have relented for now, but Twitter is taking Conway's side.

Geraldo famously hosted a live television special in the 1980s called The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults, in which the host hyped a finale of opening a long-sealed Capone vault, with the possibility of uncovering Capone's spoils or one of his victims.

In the end, Rivera discovered that the vault only held a few empty bottles.

People couldn't help reminding him of that during his exchange with Conway.

It appears the pair's exchange is over for now.