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Fox News Is Covering Trump's Impeachment Trial in the Most Fox News Way, and People Are Calling Them Out

Fox News

As Democratic House impeachment managers make their case against President Donald Trump, one of his favorite news networks is going to lengths to keep the bevy of evidence against him from reaching their viewers' ears.

At first, Fox News tried scrolling Trump's so-called accomplishments alongside live video of the historic proceedings. Now, the network's latest attempt to distract from the Democrats' arguments is raising eyebrows even higher.

Making room for far-Right mouthpieces like Jesse Watters of The Five, Fox News cut off audio of the impeachment trial from the Senate floor to let their opinion hosts attempt to discredit Democrats.

Watch below.

And while most news networks have sacrificed commercial breaks during the crucial proceedings to ensure comprehensive coverage, Fox went a different route.

This is in addition to the network hosting propagandists like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity—all of whom have proven that there's no lie they're too timid to tell if it's to protect the President. They routinely dismiss the grave charges against Trump after each proceeding.

People weren't exactly surprised that Fox News went about the proceedings this way.

It'll certainly be interesting to see how Fox covers the trial when it's time for Trump's defense team to take the floor on Saturday.

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