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Fox News Mocked for Absurdly Claiming 'No Word on Possible Motive' for Pro-Trump Terrorist

Fox News Mocked for Absurdly Claiming 'No Word on Possible Motive' for Pro-Trump Terrorist
Fox News // Facebook

On Thursday, 49 year old Ray Roseberry of Earl, North Carolina parked a pickup truck laden with explosives outside of the Library of Congress, only a four minute walk from the United States Capitol.

Roseberry claimed in a since-removed Facebook Live that there were enough explosives to decimate two and a half city blocks and demanded to speak to President Joe Biden.

Before negotiators convinced Roseberry to surrender, he'd repeated common conservative talking points, including the suggestion that the 2020 election was stolen.

Roseberry said in part:

"I just got chose for the job. Unlike you. This ain't about politics. I don't care if Donald Trump ever becomes president again. I think y'all Democrats need to step down. Y'all need to understand people don't want you there."

In a video posted on Tuesday, he vowed:

"Once this dickhead Biden's out of office and the Democrats sitting down there in the f**king jailhouse, our president's gonna be Donald Trump, and this is no limit on his pardons."

Roseberry also lamented the loss of healthcare coverage for him and his wife.

A search of his social media revealed he'd "liked" multiple conservative Facebook pages, including that of Donald Trump and Fox News. He'd also frequently promoted conservative talking points on his social media, having shared a video in support of Donald Trump Jr. just the day before, claiming that America "will take care of the talaban [sic] after we take care of ours".

But in reporting on the incident, the conservative Fox News network claimed there was "no word on a possible motive."

Fox host Jackie Ibanez told viewers:

"Law enforcement did not find a bomb in the vehicle, but say they collected possible bomb making materials. So far, no word on a possible motive."

People found Fox's glossing-over of the topic absurd.

Sadly, people weren't surprised.

Roseberry remains in custody.