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Fox News Reporter Fires Back After Trump Calls for Her to Be Fired for Confirming Fallen Soldier Comments

Fox News Reporter Fires Back After Trump Calls for Her to Be Fired for Confirming Fallen Soldier Comments
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images; Fox News video

Fox News found themselves on the receiving end of President Donald Trump's ire once again after another member of their news division presented news that failed to show the President in a positive light.

After The Atlanticbroke news of the POTUS' comments about veterans and active duty military members, Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin fact checked the claims including Trump calling people who served in the military "suckers" and "losers."

Griffin's own sources confirmed parts of The Atlantic story which she shared on Fox News...

...prompting Trump to demand Fox News fire Griffin.

Appearing on Cavuto Live, Griffin defended her reporting and her sources.

She said:

"My sources are not anonymous to me and I doubt they are anonymous to the President."
"I can tell you that my sources are unimpeachable."

Host Neil Cavuto—who has been the subject of Trump's outbursts more than once over his own accurate reporting—stated:

"[Y]ou are a very good reporter—and then some."

Then addressing his audience, Cavuto added:

"Jennifer Griffin following the story here. She's pretty scrupulous when it comes to making sure all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed."

While the entertainment division of Fox News—which adheres to Trump's demand of a positive spin only on his administration—ignored Griffin's reporting...

...her news division colleagues have backed her up.

Fox News national correspondent Bryan Llenas tweeted:

"Jennifer Griffin is the kind of reporter we all strive to be like. She's courageous, smart, ethical, fair and a class act."

Fox's Trey Yingst shared:

"Jennifer Griffin once helped to secure the release of her colleagues who were kidnapped in Gaza."
"She reported from war zones for years and is now one of the most well connected journalists in DC."
"She embodies what the industry is built upon. Truth and accountability."

Bret Baier said:

"[Griffin] is a great reporter and a total class act."

Griffin stuck to her guns, regardless of the Trump administration members sent to Fox News to dispute her reporting.

This is not the first time—and probably won't be the last—that President Trump demanded the firing of any member of Fox's news division that cast him in a less than favorable light, but for now it appears Jennifer Griffin is not going anywhere.