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Fox News Accidentally Told the Truth About Donald Trump's Complicity in Pandemic Response With Epic Headline

Alex Wong/Getty Images

In yet another erratic daily press briefing regarding the global pandemic, President Donald Trump announced he'd be halting funding to the World Health Organization pending a review of its practices.

The WHO is responsible for international coordination on healthcare, disease, and medical aid, so its stability during a global pandemic is of dire importance.

Trump blames the WHO for his administration's botched response to the national health crisis that's killed over 25 thousand Americans and left millions more suddenly unemployed.

The President spent much of Tuesday's briefing railing against the organization, claiming that it favored China over the United States and helped China cover up information that would've been valuable to the United States.

But in covering the President's diatribe, Fox News—one of his favorite networks—presented a chyron that accidentally told the truth.

Check this out.

Because the chyron was already in all-caps, it wasn't apparent that "WHO" was an acronym, leading it to read as:

"Trump: Who Must Be Held Accountable"

The sentiment may have been accidental, but people agreed with it nonetheless.

It wasn't the only time Fox's chyron made for an awkward moment during the briefing.

In addition to the WHO, Trump has blamed the nation's governors, former President Barack Obama, the media, China, and a litany of others for his bungled response to the virus.

He's blamed everyone but himself.

And while his critics don't fault him for the existence of the virus itself, his constant dismissals of the threat it posed and his ineptitude at the beginning of the outbreak resulted in an untold number of needlessly lost lives.

They think it's he who must be held accountable.

You can hold Trump accountable this November. Are you registered to vote?

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