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'Flip or Flop Vegas': What is Bristol and Aubrey Marunde's Net Worth?

Back in April 2017, HGTV introduced the world to power couple Bristol and Aubrey Marunde. Before their premiere episode of Flip or Flop Vegas, the Marunde duo wasn’t a household name, but each new property that they touch earns them more and more admirers. MMA fighter Bristol serves as the couple’s muscle while Aubrey lends her interior design expertise to spruce up once decrepit homes.

Home flipping isn’t an easy business and, despite what these shows may indicate, it’s not always lucrative; but professionals like Bristol and Aubrey have what it takes to turn a run-down abode into a luxury home. Any fan of the show will know that their financial return can be anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, so what does that translate when it comes to net worth? According to Romper, the HGTV couple is worth approximately $5 million. Granted, that’s not all due to their house flipping business.

In 2005, Bristol, a Fairbanks, AK native, started a career in the mixed martial arts circuit. While MMA and UFC aren’t guaranteed to pay out large sums of money, the Flip or Flop star has 16 wins out of 26 total matches, which is sure to fact into that $5 million at least a little. Though his last bout in the octagon was in 2015 against Gilbert Smith, a match during which he broke his jaw, Bristol has been less involved as a fighter and deals more in MMA events.

As for his “Vegas glam” counterpart and brains behind the final design, Aubrey purchased her first home at the age of 20. Her knack for understanding the ins-and-outs of contracting came from an early age, as her father was a general contractor. Since 2009, her vision has helped improve more than 150 homes in Las Vegas. Along with being a designer, Aubrey is also a licensed real estate agent and is well aware of the trends in the city’s neighborhoods.

When they’re not taking on Sin City’s worst fixer-upper projects, the Marunde family are enjoying time with their two boys, six-year-old Kale and three-year-old Kane, and a personal mini-zoo of two dogs, two turtles, four chickens, two fish, and two parakeets. After a seasonal break in October 2017, the pair returned to the Vegas housing market for a new season on March 15, 2018.

Episodes of Flip or Flop Vegas air on HGTV and the HGTV app every Thursday at 9 pm EST.