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'After the Final Rose' 2018: Top Spoilers for Tonight

The two-night Bachelor finale continues this evening with After the Final Rose from 8pm ET to 10pm ET, and it's gearing up to be one of the most dramatic episodes we've ever seen. After the show ended last night, fans grilled Arie on social media for what he did to Becca. Some questioned why he would allow such an intimate moment to be filmed. Others vocalized their disdain for the bachelor. Tonight's ATFR will be a continuation of the drama.


Before getting into the biggest spoilers of ATFR, here's a brief recap of what happened during last night's three-hour finale:

Both Becca and Lauren meet Arie's family. They love both girls, but ultimately tell Arie they think Becca is a better fit for him. Arie agonizes over the decision, admitting time and time again that he doesn't know whom to choose because he loves both of them. At the "altar," he sends a confused Lauren home and gets down on one knee to propose to Becca. She says yes.

The two had a few "Happy Couple" dates after the show ended, which ABC sets up for the winning pair. Reality Steve says that everything went down during their fourth "Happy Couple" date in LA. Cameras were there, and Becca was under the impression that ABC was just getting more footage to "give the fans an update on their relationship." Arie, however, ended up dumping her and calling off the engagement. The footage was uncut, unedited and painful for all of America to watch, sending the Twittersphere into a frenzy.

Many questions remain and we're hoping they will be answered tonight. Does Lauren take Arie back? Are they engaged? What happens with Becca now? Here are the top spoilers for tonight.

Arie Will Visit Lauren's House to Win Her Back

On Tuesday, January 16, Arie visited Lauren's parents' house in Virginia. Reality Steve says he's almost sure Lauren knew that he was coming (after all, the two shared a phone call on January 1 that even Becca knew about).

Now, they're dating. That's right—Lauren will take Arie back on tonight's episode, and we'll find out all about it on "After the Final Rose." It's unclear what exactly Arie said to Lauren's parents to even allow him to date their daughter again, but clearly, whatever he said worked.

Jason Mesnick & Molly Malaney Will Make an Appearance

Jason and Molly are going to be part of tonight's live ATFR. Who are they?

Jason was the bachelor in 2009. He proposed to Melissa Rycroft on the season finale of the show. Then, during the "After the Final Rose" episode of that season, he broke up with her and asked the runner-up, Molly Malaney, if she'd give him a second chance. Jason and Molly got married in 2010 and have been together ever since.

The Bachelorette Will Be Announced, and It's Almost Definitely Becca

America, right now, is very much against Arie. And they will likely be even more against him after tonight's ATFR airs. Becca is 27, well-liked, beautiful and, after last night, she has the support of America. She's almost a shoo-in for Bachelorette. Reality Steve agrees with this, saying, "Everything I’m being told is it’s Becca, which should surprise no one."

Lauren & Arie May Reveal Their Possible Engagement

If it's true, this is one of the biggest spoilers of the night. Reality Steve, forever the best at digging up reality TV-related gossip, says he heard that on the night of Saturday, February 24, Arie and Lauren got engaged. While he doesn't have solid proof, a decent amount of sources indicate it happened. First off, he knows that a film crew was at the Monarch Bay Resort in Dana Point, where Tanner and Jade had their wedding. He also knows that people staying at the resort were told: "a Bachelor proposal was happening."

Steve writes, "Too many things point to it and the intel is about as solid as I can get without actually getting the confirmation. So just know if next Tuesday night on the ATFR if Arie and Lauren announced they’re engaged, it happened this past Saturday night at the Monarch Beach resort."