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'After the Final Rose' 2018 Live Stream

'After the Final Rose' 2018 Live Stream

Tonight is night two of The Bachelor finale, and the drama will pick up right where it left off. On last night's episode, Arie did the unthinkable by calling off his engagement with Becca Kufrin after the two had together for just six weeks. The breakup was, sadly, filmed and shown to American uncut and unedited. Now, fans are curious if Arie is going to win Lauren back.

Live Stream Info

If you want to watch the show online via live stream, click here. You will need login information from your cable provider to access the streaming on your computer. 

Hulu now also offers "Hulu with Live TV". One of the networks it offers is ABC, so by signing up for the deal, you'll be able to watch ABC live on your computer via Hulu. 

Arie's 'Switcheroo' Wasn't the First

Last night's episode left fans shocked; interestingly enough, this isn't the first time a switch like this has happened. In 2009, bachelor Jason Mesnick did a similar thing. He proposed to Melissa Rycroft in the finale but ended things with her on After the Final Rose. That same night, he called Molly on stage and proposed to her. The two are happily married to this day and have two kids together.

Jason appeared on the show last night, and said, "It was painful to watch just because I have similar memories and experience." He continued, "I guess I wish that anybody who's watching could experience how hard it is to be in those shoes. I know it looks really bad, but knowing Arie and talking to him, he's not a bad person. I think it's just some people, probably including myself, are too emotional to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette and if you are that kind of emotional person, this experience can be really hard." He also pointed out how social media has changed since he was Bachelor and now plays a huge role in how people like the Bachelor are perceived.

There's no saying whether or not Lauren and Arie will work out, but one thing is for sure: America is not a fan of Arie right now. After he broke Becca's heart, Twitter exploded with people asking how Arie could do such a thing, and why he chose to have the break up filmed.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm ET on ABC to find out what Arie's future holds.