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Far-Right AZ Lawmaker Mocked for Suggesting 'Satanic Demons' Shouldn't Have Free Speech

Far-Right AZ Lawmaker Mocked for Suggesting 'Satanic Demons' Shouldn't Have Free Speech
Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call

Arizona state senator and conspiracy theorist Wendy Rogers has quickly become a superstar among pro-Trump conservatives. Rogers repeatedly amplifies fantasies that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from Trump by Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud.

Rogers also claims to be a champion of free speech. Earlier this year, she spoke at the America First Political Action Conference, a far-right gathering of white nationalists.

There, Rogers told the crowd:

"Standing up to tyranny is our American way. It sets us apart from the losers who have given into oppression around our world. We need more speech that people don't like. That's the point of the First Amendment. We are in this mess because we've watered down our speech. Did our founding fathers water down their speech? Did Jesus or the apostles water down their speech? No. Capitulation is why we are being overrun by the LGTBQ movement. It's why our border is being overrun by illegals and it's why babies are dying in the womb."

She also said that the U.S. needed " more gallows," falsely claiming that people are being forcibly vaccinated in the United States.

But in recent posts on the right-wing social media outlet Telegram, Rogers said the free speech she claims to value doesn't apply to those she doesn't like.

Rogers wrote in the posts:

“Freedom of Speech is a human right granted by God. Companies and governments who go against this are going against rights that make up the essence of humanity. ... The nasty vile satanic demons who post wicked pictures and videos on my channel have a special place in hell for their evil. Get behind me Satan!”

The diatribe was roundly condemned.

The hypocrisy wasn't lost on anyone.

Rogers was censured by the state legislature earlier this year for her appearance at AFPAC.