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Eric Trump Is Getting Dragged for Misspelling 'Incompetent' in a Tweet Going After an Anti-Trump Republican

Noam Galai/WireImage

President Donald Trump's niece—Mary Trump—is making headlines for her tell-all memoir about the Trump family and how the President's infamous personality came to be.

The book—Too Much and Never Enough—alleges that Trump paid someone to take his SATs, and highlights other instances that claim to support the idea of Trump as a depraved narcissist.

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams railed against the book and Trump's "nasty nobody nothing niece" in a recent column, in which Adams asserted that she knew Trump well and that his behavior was nothing like the way the book portrayed him.

Adams wrote:

"What I've witnessed is that money, estates, inheritances, trusts and wills turn families evil. So, to make a buck you make a book. This is a vendetta written by a zero who's scratching for 10 minutes of fame. Like [former National Security Advisor John] Bolton, who can't hold a job and wants to cash in, these losers are literary medics. Drawing blood to make money."

One of the President's sons, Eric Trump, took to Twitter to thank Adams for her defense of his father.

That motivated anti-Trump Republican Tim O'Brien to lambast Eric on Twitter.

Eric attempted to respond—but only succeeded in accidentally roasting himself.

The Trump son targeted O'Brien's work on the 2020 presidential campaign of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, describing it as "incompetiant."

O'Brien couldn't resist calling him out.

The rest of Twitter followed suit.

And it wasn't just his spelling that made him a target.

A judge recently dismissed a case brought forth by the Trump family to hold off the release of Mary Trump's book.