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Eric Trump Gets Swiftly Fact-Checked After Claiming His Dad Worked '24 Hours a Day' While in Office

Eric Trump Gets Swiftly Fact-Checked After Claiming His Dad Worked '24 Hours a Day' While in Office
Fox News

The Trump family has repeatedly exaggerated, if not outright lied, about former President Donald Trump's work and legacy in the White House.

Whether he's praising job growth that happened under Obama or making completely absurd claims like "we can say Merry Christmas again," Trump's praise for his own job performance is even more inflated than the value of the assets on his loan applications (allegedly).

Now, Trump's son, Eric, is the latest Trump to make embellishments about his father's job performance, absurdly claiming Trump worked 24 hours a day.

Watch below.

Eric Trump said:

"These people aren't present. They're not fighting for this country. Y'know, the difference between them and my father, my father sat there for 24 hours a day and fought for the United States' best interests. These people aren't fighting. They've got no energy, they've got no charisma, they have no fight."

Even if Eric was speaking hyperbolically, Trump golfed nearly 300 times over the course of his four years in office at a cost of about $144 million to American taxpayers. He frequently vacationed at his resorts while funneling taxpayer money into his businesses with lavish events.

And then, there are the tweets.

In the last year of his presidency, Trump tweeted or retweeted 200 times in one day—breaking his previous record of 142 tweets, which was established only five months before, that January. The record before that one? One-hundred twenty-three tweets only a month before that, in December of 2019. All in all, Trump tweeted 12,200 times in the year 2020, roughly amounting to 33 tweets per day.

White House correspondent for HuffPost, S.V. Dáte, blasted the claim on his personal Twitter account.

Social media users joined him in the condemnation.

He wasn't the only one to call out the claim.

Fortunately for Eric, he made the claim on Fox News, where it was certain to go unchallenged.