SolaRoad is Producing More Energy Than Expected

The world’s first solar road, located in the Netherlands, has only been open for six months but is already producing more energy than expected. SolaRoad has produced over 3,000 kilowatt-hours of energy since opening in November 2014, according to Think Progress. The spokesman for this public-private partnership project, Stan de Wit, spoke of its success in … Continued

The Rise of “Big Organic” Has Blurred the Line Between Organic and Sustainable

When grocery shoppers choose shelf-stable “boxes” of organic almond milk over refrigerated plastic jugs of conventionally-produced cow milk, they believe they’re doing something good, not only for their own health, but the environment. But the sobering truth is that if shoppers happen to be in a chain supermarket, a “USDA Certified Organic” label on a … Continued

Environmentalism’s Dirty Secret

“Conservation will never work. Recycling will never work. None of the stuff we’re talking about will ever work, because we are too afraid to talk about the thing that matters.” This was the candid assessment, conveyed privately to me over dinner, by a biochemistry research scientist (who prefers his name not be mentioned). He has … Continued

Injury Forces Drone to Replace Sheepdog.

Paul Brennan, of Carlow Ireland, developed an innovated way to corral his sheep after his sheepdog Shep injured his leg — a drone. Brothers Declan and Paul Brennan dubbed the machine Shep the Drone — World’s First Drone Sheepdog. The Daily News mused, “Humans are not the only ones being replaced by robots. Herding dogs should also fear … Continued

Cholesterol Redeemed: The Egg is Back!

The nation’s top nutritionists have dropped another bomb in the never-ending shell game about what we should and should not eat. Cholesterol has taken its rightful place among the list of recently vindicated foods. Last year, it was fat. The British Medical Journal unraveled decades of low-fat dieting when it revealed that saturated fats were, … Continued

Following Millions of Complaints, the FCC Reverses Course and Slaps Down Big Telecom and Cable

In a 3-to-2 vote earlier today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented sweeping net neutrality rules, including prohibitions on site and app blocking, speed throttling, and paid fast lanes. It reclassified Internet providers’ services as “telecommunications services” under Title II of the Communications Act, giving the Commission the power to enforce these rules. A BIG … Continued



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