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Cameras Catch Vandals Destroying 18-Million Year Old Rock Formation

[DIGEST: National Geographic, CNN] For years, a 7-foot tall sandstone pedestal at Cape Kiwanda, ...


Millions of Bees Killed By Accident in South Carolina

[DIGEST: Washington Post, Gizmodo] An effort to prevent Zika-infected mosquitoes from taking root in ...


Drones Could Save the Planet, One Tree at a Time

A former NASA engineer is using her talents to develop drone technology to plant ...


These Pristine Blue Antarctic Lakes Threaten the Ice Underneath

Antarctica contains the most ice in the world, but it’s melting. Now, scientists know ...


Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out: Are Drugs a Part of Human Nature?

After hundreds of years of fighting against psychotropic drugs, could they be doing more ...


Why Are Humpback Whales Going Out of Their Way to Save Other Species?

Humpback whales are engaging in unusual interspecies helping behavior, and scientists aren’t sure why.


Humans Aren’t Alone In Evolving Through Cultural Differences

A new study reveals orcas are the first non-human animals whose evolution has been ...


Forget Zombies. These Amoebas Will Eat Your Brain, And Their Peak Season Is Underway

[DIGEST: CBS, Weather] A local expert warned Virginia swimmers that Naegleria fowleri, a potentially ...