Maps That Might Make You Rethink How You See the World

If the World’s Population Lived like Manhattanites, We Could All Fit in Texas.

We may want to change the old adage “packed in like sardines” to “packed in like New Yorkers.” According to Per Square Mile’s infographic, created by Tim de Chant, if the world’s 6.9 billion population lived as close to each other as Manhattanites, we could all fit into Texas. Paris’s population density had even a more tightly packed footprint:

Per Square Mile
Per Square Mile

This is mainly because we have more land than we do people; however, de Chant notes one often-overlooked consideration: “Cities’ land requirements far outstrip their immediate physical footprints. They include everything from farmland to transportation networks to forests and open space that recharge fresh water sources like rivers and aquifers.”

Even if we could all fit into Texas, we would still require much more land outside the state to support ourselves. In fact, we would require four planets the size of Earth to support the population, were the world to use as much land as America does to support its urban areas.

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