Will India’s Rise Drag the Earth Down? Dirty Coal in the World’s Most Polluted Country

With hundreds of millions of people living in poverty, India is racing to bring energy and development to its burgeoning population. But the price of pollution is crushingly high.

Modi faces a dilemma: Failing to reduce emissions is already impacting his country’s health, and climate change is poised to plunge millions more into poverty in the future.

Rising Waters

India, more than many nations, faces immediate repercussions from its energy policies. Devastating droughts, catastrophic floods, smog and extreme weather diminish the country’s quality of life and threaten its economy and security.

Second Nexus
Flood in Chennai, India. Credit: Source.

For example, Modi blames climate change for the massive floods that killed hundreds of people earlier this month and cut off basic services for three million more in the southern city of Chennai. On December 2, The Hindu, one of the country’s oldest newspapers, failed to produce an issue for the first time since 1878, due to severe flooding.

We are in the Southern East Coast of the country, which is normally prone to hurricanes and cyclones, as we call them. And so this is the first time that we have been hit by 50 centimeters of rain in one day,” marveled managing editor G. Ananthakrishnan.

India has announced plans to set up eight new climate change monitoring stations across the country. At present, the country has just one. The stations will monitor the impact of climate change on water, air, forests, wildlife and human activities. “Climate change impacts everything. It does not only impact air, water or weather, it 

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