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This Company Will Renovate Your Home and Get It to Zero Energy Use in Just Ten Days


Pushes to prioritize climate change aren't exclusive to the United States.

A crucial aspect of curtailing the climate crisis is lessening the use of energy. Fossil fuels have been used to heat homes for over a century, resulting in an increased worldwide dependence.

One company is looking to change that by retrofitting homes to net-zero energy use.

Using solar panels, quality insulation, and smart heating and cooling systems, Energiesprong is seeking to revolutionize humans' dependence on obsolete energy usage. The company was developed out of a government subsidized program in the Netherlands. Energiesprong typically retrofits houses in under ten days for a monthly fee that is often around the same cost as typical energy bills.

With over 14,000 houses planned in the Netherlands, Energiesprong hopes to mobilize its efforts to reach across Europe.

The company is constantly updating on the progress of its efforts.

The need to revolutionize humans' energy consumption is becoming more and more urgent.

With efforts like those of Energiesprong—and universal acknowledgment that the climate crisis is, in fact, a crisis—we might just save the world.