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This Grocery Store's Hilarious Plastic Bags Will Make You Think Twice About Using Plastic Bags

East West Market // RobertToy1/Twitter

Shame can be an excellent motivator.

That's exactly what East West Market in Vancouver, Canada is depending on to discourage its customers from toting their groceries in single-use plastic bags, which are known to be detrimental to the environment.

Instead of emblazoning its own logo onto the plastic bags, East West has begun printing logos of fictional businesses that few would proudly patronize.

Take a look at some of the savage bags below:

East West Market

East West Market

East West Market

People may think twice about choosing a plastic bag over a reusable, environment-friendly alternative if the plastic bag appears to come from a colon care facility, an adult video store, or a wart removal clinic.

People on Twitter are cheering for East West Market.

Others are more skeptical.

Love or hate the bags, the initiative may be irrelevant soon. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the effort to ban single-use plastics in Canada as early as 2021.