WATCH: Donald Trump Says ‘You Can Blow Up the Windmills’, Windmills ‘Kill So Many Birds’

Say what?

President Donald Trump made startling claims at a fundraising event in New York over the weekend, criticizing windmills as a source of renewable energy, advocating for coal instead.

Trump has long been a proponent of revitalizing the waning coal industry, despite increasing concerns over the logistics and environmental consequences of coal mining and power as countries across the globe begin a transition to renewable energy.

But this rant about why coal should remain king is bizarre even for him.

Trump started out railing against windmills — and pipelines for that matter — because “you can blow up the windmills.” But know what the real danger for windmills is: birds.

“If the birds don’t kill it first. The birds could kill it first. They kill so many birds. You look underneath some of those windmills, it’s like a killing field.”

Did you notice his weird sound effects?

The president’s hatred of windmills is nothing new, of course.

Although he does apparently have his reasons.

Except there are some problems with Trump’s advocacy for coal:

While it’s true that windmills kill hundreds of thousands of birds a year, the number is small compared to the millions of bird deaths from cell phone towers and billions from cats. What’s more, hundreds of bird species are becoming endangered due to the threat of climate change, which is exacerbated by carbon-based energy sources such as coal.

That threat is likely to become more pronounced in the near future.

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