WATCH: Randy Rainbow Releases His Latest Takedown of Donald Trump ‘Border Lies’ Set to Madonna’s ‘Borderline’


Viral comedian and national treasure Randy Rainbow has a new parody song: “Border Lies,” set to the tune of Madonna’s “Borderline.”

Rainbow takes Trump’s weird sing-song during the speech about his “National Emergency” and uses it as an invitation to present his own question in song form.

“Some say you’re just concocting this crisis to get the money for your wall,” Rainbow says during the intro.

“Well, I mean, it was a wall, and then it was a fence? What’s it going to be today, some chicken wire and an ADT security decal?”

Watch below:

“Border lies,” sings Rainbow, “freaking us out while you dramatize.”

A half-dozen harmonizing Randys provide backup as he croons “More insulting than your skin tone, talking ’bout border lies.”

With allusions to the Russia investigation, MAGA, Trump’s campaign promises that Mexico will pay for his Wall, and even Right Wing pundit Ann Coulter’s recent Twitter takedown about Trump failing to keep his promises, Rainbow makes 80s-themed magic in his takedown video.

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