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The Daily Show Mocks Trump With Video of Him Revising Estimates of Virus Deaths Upward 'Like an Auctioneer'

Win McNamee/Getty Images

President Donald Trump insists that his response to the virus that's killed nearly 70 thousand Americans has been perfect, and that he's taken the virus seriously from the start.

Like over 18 thousand other statements the President has made since his inauguration, this isn't true.

The President routinely dismissed the virus at the beginning, and now praises his response because he continues to move the goalposts of the number of deaths that qualifies as a "good job."

At first, when there were only 15 cases in the United States, Trump assured that there would be zero cases in a week, implying that there'd also be zero deaths.

He later said that 100 thousand to 200 thousand deaths would be considered a "good job." When some models began predicting 50 thousand to 60 thousand deaths, the President quickly adjusted to that number. In a Sunday night Fox News town hall, after the number of deaths surpassed 60 thousand, the President began estimating up to 90 thousand deaths, saying it "goes up rapidly."

It wasn't long before The Daily Show pointed out the erratic estimates by painting Trump as an auctioneer.

Watch below.

The shows Trump saying 60 thousand then 65 thousand then 70 thousand, 75 thousand, 80 thousand, 90 thousand, and finally 100 thousand to 200 thousand.

People agreed that Trump sounded like an especially lethargic auctioneer.

It would be funnier if he weren't talking about actual people.

Where will the goal posts go next?

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