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People Are Very Confused After Trump Calls the Virus 'a Bad Life' That 'We're Putting Out'

Fox News

President Donald Trump was ecstatic on Thursday morning after Thursday's jobs report showed that unemployment had dropped from 15 percent to 11.1 percent in June.

The President immediately announced a press conference where he promised that the United States—which has seen over 40 million new unemployment claims since the virus outbreak—would be "roaring back" economically.

It's important to note that the jobs report was surveyed in June 12, before the United States saw a national uptick in cases that forced some states to scale back previously planned reopening measures.

Trump did, however, address these spikes, chalking them up to the virus having "a life" of its own.

Watch below.

The President said:

"Some areas that were very hard hit are now doing very well. Some were doing very well and we thought they may be gone and they flare up and we're putting out the fires. But other places were long before us, and they're now… It's a life. It's got a life. And we're putting out that life because that's a bad life that we're talking about."

People were confused by Trump's assurance that Trump was "putting out that life."

People also felt that his celebration of the jobs numbers was likely premature.

Trump took no questions after his speech. The number of deaths from the virus has risen to 130 thousand.