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Yes, There's Even a Tweet From 2014 of Trump Slamming Governors for Breaking Ebola Quarantine Too Early

Alex Wong/Getty Images

If President Donald Trump takes a strong position on anything, one can be almost certain there's a tweet from before his Presidency—or even during—that takes the diametric opposition.

This has proven true with impeachment, negotiations with terrorists, campaign rallies, job creation, and others.

The most recent resurfaced tweet that's contradicted Trump's latest position is about the Ebola outbreak of 2014.

To distract from his own administration's delayed response to the current pandemic, Trump frequently lodges largely false attacks on former President Barack Obama's handling of H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks that occurred during his administration.

Eager to see the economy reopen and a talking point for his reelection revived, Trump has hailed governors like Republican Brian Kemp of Georgia who are reopening shuttered stores and businesses, despite health experts warning this could cause a resurgence in the virus.

Trump boasted on Wednesday morning that the country is starting to "OPEN FOR BUSINESS".

Trump claimed that the stay at home orders and other safety measures from the nation's governors were too extreme.

He was singing a much different tune in 2014.

Despite the assertions of conspiracy theorists, health experts nearly unanimously say that a premature return to normalcy wouldn't revive the economy, but cause potentially millions more avoidable deaths.

Trump's tweet didn't age well.

Once again, people were amazed that there really is always a tweet.

So uncanny is Trump's ability to contradict himself with years-old tweets that people began coming up with outlandish theories as to how this is possible.

Or maybe his principles really are that flimsy.

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