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Donald Trump Tells Black History Month Event Attendees He 'Should Be at 100%' With Black Voters

Donald Trump Tells Black History Month Event Attendees He 'Should Be at 100%' With Black Voters
Michael Reynolds - Pool/Getty Images

Since the start of his campaign, President Donald Trump's support among Black voters has remained pitifully low.

Despite claims that he's the "least racist person" alive, Trump told four Congresswomen of color to "go back" where they came from, defended unapologetic white supremacists, put forth racist immigration policies, and currently employs at least one white nationalist in the White House—and that's just during his presidency.

Nevertheless, Trump remains confounded as to why his support with Black voters remains unenthusiastic, as he expressed in a Black history month event at the White House on Thursday.

Trump said:

"The African American poverty rate has plummeted to the lowest level in the history of our country. These are good numbers. I don't know. I mean, I should be at 100% I hate to tell you, right?"

Trump failed to mention that the Black poverty rate has been decreasing for nearly 10 years, thanks to policies from his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

People weren't on board with his claim that his Black support should be through the roof.

Trump has a long history of racism. Richard Nixon's Justice Department found evidence that Trump discriminated against potential Black tenants, refusing to rent to them or lying to them about vacancies.

He took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling for the execution of the Exonerated Five (formerly known as the Central Park Five). Decades after their exoneration, he still refuses to apologize.

People haven't stopped calling him out.

The Trump campaign has opened new offices in 15 cities aimed at generating more support among Black voters.