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Old Trump Tweet Accusing Ted Cruz of 'Fraud' After He Won the 2016 Iowa Caucus Comes Back to Haunt Him

Old Trump Tweet Accusing Ted Cruz of 'Fraud' After He Won the 2016 Iowa Caucus Comes Back to Haunt Him
Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

For months, President Donald Trump has worked to sow mistrust in American democracy, setting the stage to blame nonexistent widespread voter fraud on his loss to Democratic nominee—and now President-elect—Joe Biden.

On Saturday, multiple major news outlets projected that Biden would be the President-elect after winning the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania—eliminating Trump's remaining paths to victory.

As expected, Trump is refusing to concede the election to Biden. Instead, the infamously litigious President and his team are mounting legal battles in a number of states to contest ballots they claim shouldn't be counted.

In a move that will likely evaporate trust in the democratic process among the President's supporters, Trump is once again claiming the results of the 2020 election can't be trusted because he lost.

The President's Republican allies in Congress are following his lead. Among them? Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who accused Democrats of trying to steal the presidency, counting ballots in secret, and other baseless claims.

Cruz and Trump were the last two standing in the bitter Republican primary of 2016, in which Trump insulted Cruz's wife's appearance.

While Cruz is solidly in Trump's camp now, a newly resurfaced tweet from that primary shows Trump whining that Cruz fraudulently won the Iowa Caucus.

In the tweet, Trump called for a new caucus altogether or for Cruz to be disqualified. That never came to pass.

But the aged tweet did give insight into how little Trump's claims of fraud are actually based in fact.

Once again, "there's always a tweet."

President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are expected to be inaugurated on January 20th.