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Trump Apparently Had a Call With the Taliban Leader--Which We Only Know Because the Taliban Tweeted About It

Trump Apparently Had a Call With the Taliban Leader--Which We Only Know Because the Taliban Tweeted About It
Mark Wilson/Getty Images // @Zabehulah_M33

President Donald Trump isn't known for his restraint when it comes to Twitter, even tweeting or retweeting over a hundred times a day at points.

This time, however, Trump is raising eyebrows because of what someone else tweeted: a spokesperson for the Taliban.

On the off chance you weren't aware, Donald Trump is all too eager to negotiate with terrorists and governments actively working against the United States.

He's boasted of his great relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who continues to test nuclear projectiles. He sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence officials, and downplays Russia's continued efforts to sabotage the 2020 election in his favor.

Now, Trump is boasting about negotiations with the Taliban, the radical political movement that gave refuge to Osama bin Laden shortly after the September 11 Attacks.

However, Trump only began talking about the interaction after a representative for the Taliban tweeted that Trump had a phone call with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the leader of the terrorist organization.

The news comes just months after Trump found himself in hot water after plans to host the Taliban at Camp David during the week of September 11 came to light, and only a day after the Taliban broke the conditions of the partial truce with the U.S., established earlier this month. That peace deal allows for the release of up to five thousand Taliban prisoners.

People wanted to know just why they were finding out from the Taliban that the President held the call, instead of learning it from the White House itself.

Trump was inevitably asked about the call, and launched into bragging about his relationship with the Taliban's leader.

The President of the United States speaking—let alone negotiating—with the leader of the Taliban would have been unheard of in any other administration.

People couldn't help but repeat an oft-used phrase: What if Obama had done this?

It's unclear why Trump believes the Taliban are acting in good faith.

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