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Trump Tweeted the New 'Space Force' Logo and People Can't Believe How Much It Looks Like 'Star Trek's' Starfleet Logo

Win McNamee/Getty Images // CBS Television Distribution

In December, President Donald Trump established the United States Space Force, a sixth branch of the United States Army.

The goal of the force is to protect United States assets in outer space from foreign rivals and is slated to cost around $2 billion in the next five years.

Today, Trump unveiled the official logo for the Space Force, but people think it bears a striking resemblance to another iconic symbol.

See if you can recognize it.

Fans of the popular sci-fi franchise Star Trek instantly recognized it as the logo of Starfleet—an organization of the United Federation of Planets dedicated to exploring outer space and its inhabitants.

The Space Force logo looked eerily similar to the insignia that became synonymous with the franchise.

And fans weren't exactly happy about it.

Some think that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's estate could have a case of infringement.

The announcement came right after the premiere of the new CBS series Star Trek: Picard.

What a timeline we find ourselves in.