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Fox News Panel Laughed and Cut Away from Trump Rally After Trump Seemed to Have a Cognitive Break on Stage

Fox News

After weeks of enduring the impeachment trial against him in the Senate, President Donald Trump was likely grateful to be in a venue filled with people willing to praise him.

The President spoke at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, but at multiple points during the speech, his words got ahead of his thoughts.

At one point, Fox News—which was covering the event—decided to cut away, amid stifled laughter from the hosts.

Watch below.

Trump said:

"Democrats, decided to shield and shelter criminica… Look, look, wait."

That's when Fox cut back to the hosts, and laughter at the President's verbal snafu could be heard off-camera.

Some took it as a reason for concern.

It wasn't the only time in the rally that Trump gave up when trying to say a word.

While his speech may have slurred, his ability to lie and drum up fear remained unscathed.

The President repeated a lie about passing Veterans Choice legislation (It was passed by Obama in 2014). He lied about the Obama administration's efforts to curtail the AIDS epidemic. He lied that his administration is fighting to protect those with pre-existing conditions (It's fighting against pre-existing condition protections in court). He lied about building 100 miles of border wall (Under one mile is new, the rest are repairs or replacement of previously existing fencing).

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