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Anti-Trump GOP Group Releases Damning Ad of all the Times Trump Was Warned About the Virus–and What He Was Doing Instead

Anti-Trump GOP Group Releases Damning Ad of all the Times Trump Was Warned About the Virus–and What He Was Doing Instead
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway may be one of President Donald Trump's most vocal defenders, but her husband—Republican lawyer George Conway—is decidedly not.

After months of speaking out against Trump on Twitter, Conway and three other prominent Republican strategists formed Project Lincoln late last year.

Since then, the group has run brutal ads highlighting Trump's numerous failings as a leader, and his botched handling of the global pandemic has given them a disturbing amount of material to point out how crucial the November election is to the safety of all Americans.

The Lincoln Project's latest ad highlights the numerous times Trump was warned about the threat posed by the virus, despite his claims that no one could have seen the pandemic coming.

Perhaps even more damningly, it calls Trump out for what he was doing instead: holding rallies and golfing.

Watch below.

After pointing out that the virus has killed three times more Americans than the September 11 attacks, the ad goes on to point out that Trump and his allies claim the impeachment proceedings against him—which ended in early February—distracted the President to the point he couldn't focus on the virus. This is despite the President instructing his officials not to comply with congressional subpoenas and foregoing the chance to send his representation to the House's impeachment inquiry.

The ad continues:

"In January, Trump's own senior advisor issued a memo warning him that [the virus] presented a grave threat to the United States. Days later, the World Health Organization declared it a global health emergency.

Where was Trump? He wasn't distracted. He had plenty to do, like campaign rallies and golfing."

The video shows clips of Trump's rallies throughout February—as Italy and other countries in Europe were taking extreme measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Trump was holding a rally the night before the virus took its first American life.

People thought the ad perfectly incapsulated Trump's indifference to the virus's threat during the crucial time when robust measures could have lessened the death and damage it continues to cause.

People don't buy Trump's claim that he was distracted by impeachment.

Don't fall for it, y'all.

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