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Trump Tried to Claim 'Obama and Biden Stopped Their Testing' When Asked About the Spread of the Virus and People Are Very Confused

Fox News

It's not uncommon for President Donald Trump to point to his predecessors when faced with criticism. The President has blamed former President Barack Obama's administration for everything from national stockpile shortages in the face of the pandemic to a wonky White House air conditioning system.

But a recent attempt by Trump to pass the buck to Obama and 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden fell somewhat flat.

Trump was asked at a White House round table about his oft-repeated claim that the only reason virus cases in the United States continue to soar is because the country is performing more tests. The reporter asked if he'd acknowledge that the increased cases were also due to the virus spreading.

Watch his response below.

Trump said:

"Biden and Obama stopped their testing. They just stopped it. You probably know that, I'm sure you don't wanna report it, but they stopped testing. Right in the middle they just went, 'no more testing.'"

At first, people thought the President was claiming that the Obama administration stopped testing while grappling with COVID-19, which hadn't existed at the time.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale elaborated on what Trump was likely alluding to.

People were still flummoxed at Trump's eagerness to divert attention to his predecessors even in a time of urgency.

Many are tired of trying to decipher Trump's diatribes.

The President has tweeted or retweeted about President Obama over three thousand times.