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Trump's Latest Rant Against Fox News Has People Convinced He's Starting His Own Network—and the Predictions Are Hilarious


For decades, Fox News has been the conservative answer to what the GOP says is a mainstream media landscape biased toward Democrats.

With some exceptions, Fox News has amplified the thousands of lies told by Trump over the course of his four years as President—including lies that Democrats somehow orchestrated widespread voter fraud that tipped the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden.

But as those who know Trump have pointed out, unconditional loyalty is required to remain in the outgoing President's good graces. In that regard, Fox has come up short.

While the President still hails the network's far-right opinion hosts with primetime slots, he's blasted Fox News in the past for unfavorable polling numbers and fact checks, encouraging his conservative followers to switch to other far-right media outlets like One America News and Newsmax.

In the President's most recent tweet slamming Fox News, Twitter users felt Trump potentially foreshadowed the creation of his own so-called news network.

Axios reported last month that the President was considering the launch of his own conservative media outlet following his loss to President-elect Joe Biden—a victory which the President still denies. It's unclear if this is what the President meant by "new alternatives," but Twitter took the phrase as a subtle announcement.

Given Trump's propensity for stamping his name on products (Trump hotels, Trump Steaks, Trump University...), "Trump News Network" soon began trending on Twitter.

Users predicted what the Trump News Network would look like.

Trump's tweet disparaging Fox News was widely mocked.

Trump's presidency may end on January 20th, but the disinformation he peddles doesn't show any signs of evaporating.