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Navy Vet Who Voted for Trump in 2016 Explains Why Trump Must Be Defeated in Emotional Video

Navy Vet Who Voted for Trump in 2016 Explains Why Trump Must Be Defeated in Emotional Video
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // RVAT2020/Twitter

The 2020 election is now four months away, and President Donald Trump trails presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by double digits in numerous polls.

The numbers indicate that Americans across the country who voted for Trump in 2016 have since soured on the incumbent, and intend to vote for Biden in November.

The group Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) is spotlighting some of those voters in an effort to get more Republicans to follow suit.

One story, from a Navy veteran named Joey, is making waves on Twitter for its emotional honesty.

Watch below.

After the 30 year Navy veteran admits that he's "embarrassed" to say he voted for Trump, Joey says:

"I voted Republican cause pretty much for my career Republicans took better care, in my opinion, of the military, but today, he scares the f**k out of me, man. He is tearing this country apart and if we don't see that, we are ignorant and blind...We need to change who we got in the office, and you need to register to vote, because this can't go on."

The Trump administration is routinely criticized for its apathy toward American soldiers on individual and collective scales. Trump infamously mocked the late Senator John McCain for being a prisoner of war, and Trump's administration promptly fired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman for complying with a congressional subpoena.

On a larger scale, the Trump administration is facing backlash for its soft stance on the news that Russia paid Taliban militants to take the lives of U.S. soldiers. This information was in Trump's daily briefings as far back as February, yet he still continued to consider inviting Russia to the United States for the G7—or potentially G8—summit.

Joey went on to cite the unleashing of anonymous militarized federal agents onto protesters in Portland, Oregon at the orders of Trump's Department of Homeland Security. These officers were captured on video beating and gassing a Navy veteran like him.

Joey is fed up with Trump and his administration.

"That man is not right in the head and he's gotta go, and we gotta help him pack up. I implore you to register to vote, get out there to vote, rain or shine you get out there and you vote...He has taken us to a place this country is not supposed to be. This is not the way we envisioned this country...Do not let all those who have gone and died on battlefields for our democracy go in vain, because of what he's doing to this country...I'm begging you, man."

People were moved by the veteran's plea.

And they're determined to vote.

The United States presidential election is on the third of November.