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Trump Slammed for Downplaying the Virus Yet Again in Tweet Announcing Discharge from Walter Reed

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President Donald Trump tested positive on Thursday for the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans.

On Friday, he was helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center to undergo treatment, where he received supplemental oxygen and the drug dexamethasone, which the World Health Organization recommends only to those experiencing severe symptoms.

Inexplicably, Trump is set to be discharged from Walter Reed on Monday evening after reportedly imploring officials to "get him out." In a press briefing on Monday afternoon, the President's medical team said he would finish his final remdesivir treatment at the White House tomorrow evening, while remaining on the drug dexamethasone.

Trump announced the development on Twitter.

Even as the President battled the virus with the best medical care on the planet, he continued to downplay the virus as he's done since before it first entered the United States.

Trump told his supporters, "don't be afraid" of the virus and not to "let it dominate your life."

Critics largely saw his tweet as another dismissal of the 200+ thousand people who have perished to the disease.

People also noted that, unlike many Americans, the President not only has access to healthcare, but some of the best treatment available.