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Trump Claims John Bolton Has 'Broken the Law' Because 'Every Conversation' with Him Is Classified

Trump Claims John Bolton Has 'Broken the Law' Because 'Every Conversation' with Him Is Classified
Fox News

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton abruptly soured on President Donald Trump upon leaving the administration in September of last year.

Bolton's name increasingly came up in the testimonies of several people as Trump's dealings with Ukraine edged closer and closer to his impeachment.

Nevertheless, Bolton didn't testify despite nationwide calls for him to do so. Instead, he published a tell-all book—one which the White House went to great lengths to keep him from publishing, citing national security concerns.

After multiple edits in response to the White House's concerns, Bolton's book is set to publish on June 23.

The President addressed the book at a round table on Monday afternoon, where he made some questionable claims.

Watch below.

Responding to reports that he intends to file a lawsuit against Bolton, Trump said:

"Somebody said he went out and wrote a book...I can't imagine that he can because that's highly classified information. Even conversations with me, they're highly classified. I told that to the Attorney General before. I will consider every conversation with me as President highly classified, so that would mean that if he wrote a book...he's broken the law. And I would think that he would have criminal problems, I hope so."

Trump's claim that any conversation with him is highly classified isn't necessarily surprising. His Justice Department has argued in court that the President is immune from any investigation. He's cited the same reason when flouting congressionally approved subpoenas. Americans across the country deem these claims of classification as attempts to escape all accountability.

People were still confused by this claim.

Some people detected fear in the President's posture and demeanor.

Uh-oh, Mr. President.