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Joe Biden Rips Trump Administration After News That They Will End Funding of Local Virus Testing Sites By the End of the Week

Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images; Samuel Corum/Getty Images

With Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) officially suspending his campaign on Wednesday, all signs are pointing to a showdown between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in November.

The pair's differing stances on how to curb the global pandemic that's resulted in a national health crisis in the United States are already highlighting just how much more effective—and levelheaded—a Biden presidency would be.

The news that the federal government would no longer fund crucial testing sites made the contrast even more stark.

The Trump administration's bungled testing rollout already resulted in an undercount of cases in the United States and a life-threatening misallocation of resources.

The latest news that the federal government will end funding for testing sites couldn't come at a worse time. Some sites will be forced to close as a result of the decision. Meanwhile, the pandemic's apex looms.

Biden called out the decision on Twitter.

The decision is congruent with the Trump administration's claim that states should fend for themselves during the national health crisis, with the federal government only being relied upon as a backup.

A Health and Human Services spokesperson attempted to justify the decision:

"The transition will ensure each state has the flexibility and autonomy to manage and operate testing sites within the needs of their specific community and to prioritize resources where they are needed the most."

Health professionals on the ground disagree.

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania wasn't on board with the move:

"I am understandably disappointed that the supplies and federal contract for lab testing is ending just as we are heading into the surge here in southeastern Pennsylvania."

Numerous others—including former Democratic presidential candidates—agreed.

People think they know why the decision was made.

Stay safe, everyone.

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