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Brutal New Biden Ad Uses Trump's Own Words Boasting About His Pandemic Response Against Him

Brutal New Biden Ad Uses Trump's Own Words Boasting About His Pandemic Response Against Him
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images // JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

As the virus death toll in the United States nears 140 thousand and the U.S. continues to break its own records in daily new cases, President Donald Trump is assuring Americans that everything is under control.

The President insists that expanded testing is the reason for the high number of cases, failing to acknowledge that the rate of positive cases to tests administered is disproportionately high. Trump boasts that the death rate is low, not pointing out that the deaths soon to result from recent spikes haven't happened yet. In the past two days, this death rate has begun to rise.

As the President decries the advice of medical experts on Twitter, 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden released a chilling new ad on Twitter, highlighting the dissonance between Trump's assurances and reality.

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The ad uses Trump's words from early May:
"Everybody's excited. They're going back to work safely, but they're going back to work. We're opening up our country again and this is what we're doing. And I'll tell you the whole world is excited watching us, because we're leading the world."

Cases in the United States have surpassed three million as numerous states are scaling back reopening measures after new surges.

The statement used in the ad was reminiscent of recent comments by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who said the United States' was seen as a "leader" of the virus. That was only true in the sense that the U.S. leads the world in cases and deaths.

The ad brought Trump's ineptitude into grim focus.

Though Trump boasted in May that the whole world was excited to see the so-called leadership from the United States in opening up, time has proven that false.

Multiple countries are well on their way to fully reopening. New Zealand, declaring itself virus free, struck down all virus restrictions this week.

Meanwhile, virus rates in states like Florida and Texas continue to soar.

Now, many Americans are looking at the rest of the world with envy—and the world isn't looking back with admiration.

Florida recently shattered the single-day record for new cases of any state: 15,300.